The following is our overview of the project workflow.


Pre-production entails meetings with the client to interview and collect further requirements, documents, reports and other related information. After analyzing all aspects of the system, a Project Consultant will develop a Conceptual Design Review of the proposed system for the client to review.

(a) Conceptual Design Review (CDR)

The Conceptual Design Review (CDR) specifies the client’s main business requirements for the project. It describes the broad scope of the project and its business objectives, defines project modules and functionality. The CDR is submitted to the client. If the client disagrees with any CDR particulars, the client may request revision.


(a) Functional Design Review (FDR)

The FDR is developed to specify the functional requirements of the project along with technical details on software, hardware, data structures, terminology etc. It separates the project into sections according to unique characteristics of functionality.
After the CDR is approved, the Project Manager will present FDR to client; it will be changed if the client is not satisfied with the document.

(b) Technical Design Review (TDR)

The TDR is intended to specify the detailed technical requirements of the project. It is prepared by the Project Manager and is intended for internal use by the programming team. It defines the high-level technical and functional design issues.
A TDR can only be developed after approval of the CDR and the FDR.

(c) Design and Coding

Our internal Creative Team will begin to work to create designs for the client’s approval. Simultaneously the Programming Team will begin on the System Architecture.

(d) Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) Process will occur in either modules or upon final completion, depending on the nature of the project. Complete QA approval is required prior to release of the product to the client – this is the Zero Defect Mindset.

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