Now with our established spa management software, Studio Manager, you can empower all your business processes and thus improve your business performance and profitability. Studio Manager takes care of the customer records and is able to track the effectiveness/return of investment of the marketing campaigns. With our proven track records in the regional wellness industry, Studio Manager is able to optimise the sales performance and customer retention.

This cost effective solution is designed for spa, beauty salon and hair salon operators.

Enhanced iSPRINT (Scale-Up) Packaged Solution

Studio Manager Version 6 is one of the pre-approved solution listed under Enhanced iSPRINT Packaged Solutions (Sector Scale Up).

SMEs may claim up to 70% of the qualifying cost for the first purchase subject to fulfilling the SME eligibility criteria and the availability of funds. SMEs only has to pay a minimum of 30% upfront to vendors.

Category Type of Solutions Mode Enrollment Period Applicable Sector
ICT Packaged Solutions (Sector Scale Up) ERP On Premise 5th January 2018 to 31st December 2018 SSIC codes prefix with 86201, 86202, 86203, 86901, 96xxx.

Benefits of Studio Manager

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Increase customer retention
  • Planning effective sales and marketing promotions with valuable and comprehensive reports.
  • Profiling customers and understanding their propensity to purchase, thus achieving targeted marketing and fast turnover of products and services.
  • Reducing operating cost with an effective and efficient business process.
  • Easy to use, need to train and maintain

 Cost Benefits Analysis


 Traditional Paperwork

 Studio Manager

Tracking of marketing campaign

Hard to track the ROI

Provides the exact dollars and cents

Customer retention/ Communication with customers and inactive customers

Telemarketing and direct mails which cost resources

Email broadcast is free, fast and easy SMS broad is only 5 cents per SMS

Production cost of direct mailers flyers, postage cost

Higher cost, each mailer is at least 45 cents, excluding the management resources and time involved

Email is free. SMS is 5 cents each.

Calculation of commission

Time consuming, once a month

Calculates within a minute, anytime, anywhere

Availability of financial report

Needs accountant to prepare

Calculates within a minute, anytime, anywhere

Availability of total value of unexpended packages

Very tedious to calculate

Calculates within a minute, anytime, anywhere

Monitoring of branches, operation and performance

Needs to check on the branches personally, or wait for reports

Remotely monitor anytime anywhere, within a few clicks

Consolidation of all customer records and reports

Almost impossible to do consolidation

All within a few clicks

Tracking of stock expense during treatment to prevent stock loss

Very tough to track

Calculates every gram, millilitre of stock expense in each treatment

Operating Cost for Customer Retention Program


Cost of Mailer

Cost of Birthday Card

Cost of Email

Cost of SMS








Design Fee

Est. $500

Printing cost (4c x 0c for


Est. $0.15

$1.50 per card

10,000 mailers




6 times in a year


Once a year



Operating costs in 3 years





Studio Manager Successful Track Records





Urban Homme Men's Spa




Heart Springs Spa



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