We set very high standards for ourselves. This strict requirement includes providing cost effective and innovative solution like design, material selection, prototype, manufacturing, integration, assembly, final delivery, testing, installation and maintenance and etc. Why? Because we live and breathe our promise to meet COSTS targets without compromising QUALITY, REQUIREMENTS and DELIVERY TIME.


Archer Logic is a full-service kiosk company. We offer complete turnkey kiosks by providing multimedia development, software, consultation, installation, operations, and maintenance. Solutions include final design customization, internal hardware, additional network connections and browser software, touch screen control and even the design of the information itself. We will manage your project all the way through from inception to delivery and maintenance. Our Kiosks incorporate the latest technology, including flat & touch screen industrial TFT monitors, smart-card or credit-card readers, thermal or ink jet printers, internet video and telephone systems, loud speaker and sub-woofer systems , built-in bar-code readers, motion sensors and remote monitoring. Click here to know more about our Methodology in Fabricating Kiosk.

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SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT & INTEGRATION (System Application and Web Application)

Putting It Together – Systems integration is all about combining your disparate systems and processes to create one business system that successfully services your customers. Archer Logic is a full-service Information Technology consulting firm that assists IT professionals in selecting, implementing, and integrating core business technologies within a robust infrastructure. Practicing the Art of Integration. Archer Logic has extensive systems integration experience and experience with mission-critical, high-volume transactions. With our strong technology background, we can examine your current IT environment and suggest places where you can capitalize on your existing infrastructure. And, we offer a deep foundation in legacy environments as well as in the Windows, Solaris and LINUX operating systems.

We provide a total service solution to improving the performance, quality and reliability of client business through the use of technology. As a vendor-independent resource, we have the wide-ranging expertise to evaluate all potential hardware and software solutions, and to recommend and implement the optimum system for each client. From planning, architecture and development through implementation to ongoing delivery and maintenance, Archer Logic has the solutions, services and technology to help you ride the next wave of e-business to new heights. Click here to know more about our Methodology in System Development Methodology.

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