Once your data-driven marketing decision is made, it can be translated instantly into specific changes at every point in your retail value chain. Pricing changes, discounts and promotional offers can be implemented from a centralised location instantly.

Complete data and functional integration in IRMS means you can make informed decisions and respond in real time to capture and hold an advantage in the fast changing retail marketplace. All of which brings you to where you need to be – ahead of your competition any day, all day and everyday.


The quality of the customer buying experience at your storefront is the core ingredient of their willingness to come back. In today’s retail environment, product price and quality is equalised rapidly, giving retailers little to hold onto as a source of sustained adavantage.

IRMS contains an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) suite optimised for small and mid-sized retail operations that empowers you to recover this advantage. Customer details are updated in real time, giving you instant access to demographic profiling and spending behaviour segmentation. Based on this intellgience, IRMS allows you to deploy tools like email marketing and online surveys to further enhance customer understanding and retention.

The same set of consistent information collected via your POS network enables you to effectively manage ongoing customer loyalty programmes and launch new ones. The ease and flexibility of managing price point configurations provides a large degree of flexibility in changing loyalty rules to keep your best customers coming back for more.

The bottom line is a more informed and complete understanding of the customer allowing you to anticipate their needs in order to serve them profitably and keep them yours.

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