Archer Logic launched Netbrowser in late 2001, a self-service software platform and vertical market application suite. Netbrowser is a tried and tested solution for many industrial applications.

Netbrowser provide the power needed to build your own white label and brings your web investment into public spaces via Web Kiosks.

Public Browser Interface. It also has many other applications such as a front end for desktops where simple intuitive use is required, as a navigation tool on CDs or as a device to control browsing.

It allows users to easily access web pages either on a touch screen information kiosk or not a corporate intranet. It has been designed with a simple and robust user-interface, enabling complete novices to browser in a safe, controlled and intuitive manner. It also acts as a secure front-end to multimedia applications.

Netbrowser allows fully secure use in unsupervised areas due to the extensive build security features, such as prevention to unauthorized access to the operating system. The software includes a number of functions that enable the system to be efficiently and cost effectively monitored.


It controls the browser dynamically via the Windows Internet Explorer API, OLE and DDE. It allows data entry through its integral virtual keyboard, an external keyboard, mouse or input device.

No Operating System access

None of the web-browser’s menu structure, tools bars or system buttons are accessible when Netbrowser is running, thus allowing users to browse without allowing potentially dangerous access to the operating system. With Windows 95,98,NT (NT recommended) key blocking which traps key combinations such as Ctrl+Alt+Del can be performed by the program.

Plug in

Netbrowser supports industry standard web plug ins, media players, document viewers etc.

Full event logging

Netbrowser will automatically compile a log file of events, timed events and applications loaded. This log can be then saved to the local hard disk and/or emailed to a central address for remote monitoring of the system.

URL and print filtering

Netbrowser can be configured to only allow access to specific URLs. This can be used to prevent the users of the kiosk straying beyond the areas that the machine is designed to access. This is turned on within URL manager.

Disable print dialogs

Netbrowser can be configuring to enable or disable Print Dialogs Windows whenever the user prints the current web page.

Busy Bar indicating browser activity

Netbrowser has a busy bar, which can be placed, at any of the screen that will indicate the process of the loading of the web pages.

Optional pop-up visual keyboard for touch entry

It allows data entry through its integral virtual keyboard, an external keyboard, mouse or input device.
Configurable button icons and bitmaps border frame.
Each of the buttons can be configured to display a graphic of your choice allowing you to completely customize the look and feel of the browser.

All visible graphics source from URLs or local files

Netbrowser support both online and offline mode of web pages.

Optional key/button sounds

Each button or key can be configure to play a sound upon depress, release or double click.

Large buttons to control via a touch screen

All of the user functions are accessible from large graphical buttons allowing for easy use on a touch screen monitor. You can configure Netbrowser to show either 5,6,7 or 8 buttons on the bottom panel and each button can be placed in any of the available slots.

Will run at most screen resolutions

Netbrowser can run at any of the standard screen resolutions : 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 in 16-bit high color. Adjustment of the graphic sizes, used for the logo, busy bar, buttons, panels and banners is necessary for running at other resolutions.

Execution of external programs

Netbrowser can be configurate to launch external program while still operating within a secure environment.

Idle – return to a specified home page

Netbrowser can be configured to return to any specified home page upon it reach an expiry of idle time.

Dual Browser Windows

Some of the web sites can produce a multitude of “new instances” or “spawns” of browser windows (or combination of both!). These can cause major problem on kiosks as these browser windows can become hidden, produce a number of windows all over the user interface and can eat up system resources. Netbrowser handles this in an intuitive and resource saving manner by never allowing these to become hidden (left running unseen) or allow more than two browsers to run. All transferring from browser to browser is kept within these two windows.


Netbrowser kiosk software products are Internet-based multimedia design programs that are ideal for public environments where stability and surf controls are priorities.

Software Requirements

” Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.1 or 5.5
” Operating Systems Supports
” Microsoft Windows 2000

Hardware Requirements

” Windows Platform – Pentium III 400 MHz or higher.

User Inpur Devices

” Keyboard
” Cash Card Reader

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